Why it Matters

Why the GRA Matters

The statistics provided compelling motivation for action:

  • The survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) globally is on average less than 10 per cent, with an estimated one million people dying every year in “high-resource” countries.
  • Without intervention, many researchers cite 10% per minute as the fall in probability of survival following cardiac arrest.
  • While, about 50% of SCA are witnessed by a bystander, the percentage who receive CPR varies from 10% – 75%.
  • Where EMS systems with best practices have rapid dispatch, quick delivery of T-CPR instructions and HP-CPR, the survival rate is 50%.
  • Seattle and King County Washington, USA have survival rates of 62% – their initiatives led to the establishment of the Resuscitation Academy and form the basis of the GRA agenda.