Survival from out-of-hospital ventricular fibrillation cardiac arrest is extremely variable throughout the United States with high survival rates of 62% in Seattle and King County Washington, and low survival rates in other major communities. Even more fundamental is the fact that only 40 communities in the US have rigorously measured and reported their survival rates. Most communities have no idea how they are performing in terms of managing sudden cardiac arrest. Why is this? There are answers. As proven in Seattle and King County, managers and directors of EMS systems can learn the steps they need to take to improve survival.

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Ann Doll
Executive Director

Mickey Eisenberg
Director of Medical QI

Peter Kudenchuk
Professor of Medicine

Thomas D. Rea
Medical Program Director

Michael Sayre
Medical Director

Current Projects

Leadership Program

Duration: 2 Days – Location: Seattle, WA

This is the original Resuscitation Academy seminar on improving out of hospital cardiac arrest resuscitation outcomes. This event introduces EMS leaders to the 10 Programs including establishing a registry, telephone CPR, high-performance CPR and more.


  • Learn from renowned Faculty with experience in leading successful resuscitation improvement programs.
  • Network with leaders from EMS systems from around the nation and world.
  • Gain access to comprehensive support materials.

Leadership Program

High-Performance CPR Train the Trainer Program

Duration: 4-6 Hours – Location: Seattle, WA

In this workshop, participants will learn the components of an effective High-Performance CPR program. Emphasis is placed on CPR metrics, assessing performance and providing feedback.


  • Learn from renowned faculty with experience in leading successful High-Performance CPR training programs
  • Network with training officers and instructors from EMS systems from around the nation and world
  • Gain access to comprehensive support materials including curriculum, checklists, and presentation materials