Partnership to Support the Call to Action

The Global Resuscitation Academy’s extensive program of information and tools including the 10 Steps to improve cardiac survival are disseminated, promoted and supported by four secretariats in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia/New Zealand, with the goal that by 2020, an additional 50,000 lives will be saved from cardiac arrest every year.

We are creating a global leadership network that focuses on implementation of resuscitation best practices. By working together in communities around the world, based on available evidence; we can significantly increase survival from cardiac arrest to 50%.

If you’d like to participate or host a GRA event  please contact the GRA Secretariat in your region.


GRA Secretariat

Contact: Ann Doll


GRA Secretariat, Europe

Contact: Freddy Lippert


Asian Association for EMS

Contact: Gayathri Devi Nadarajan (SHHQ)

Australia/New Zealand

Council of Ambulance Authorities (CAA)
GRA Secretariat, Australia and New Zealand

Contact: David Waters, Chief Executive, CAA