Cardiac Arrest: 50% Increase in Survival Is Possible

Global webinar aired on Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Experience a unique opportunity to stay updated, connect with experts, and make a positive impact on cardiac arrest outcomes. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, researcher, policymaker, or advocate, this webinar will offer valuable insights in the pursuit of saving lives. Register to attend on October 17th for a review of efforts over the past three years from EMS systems around the world.

ILCOR’s 10 Steps to Improve In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

ILCOR’s vision is to save more lives globally through resuscitation. However, in-hospital cardiac arrest (IHCA) remains a high-risk event among hospitalized patients of all ages worldwide and is associated with high rates of poor patient outcomes, including death.

Ten Programs to Improve Survival

We believe these programs will lead to an increase in cardiac arrest survival in your community. Each section gives a summary along with real-world case studies of the program in action. As the Resuscitation Academy says, “If you’ve seen one EMS system, you’ve seen one EMS system.” Leaders from around the globe are proving that no matter where you live, improvement is possible.

Partnership to Support the Call to Action

The American Heart Association and Laerdal, through their Strategic Alliance, is proud to collaborate with the Resuscitation Academy and Global Resuscitation Alliance. The goal will be to learn from the collective years of breakthrough work in resuscitation, and build programs together that can save more lives.

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